HEDG Membership

Membership of HEDG may be held by any Higher Education Institution in the UK which subscribes to the aims and purposes of the Association.

There shall normally be one nominated representative from each member Higher Education Institution in the UK. A substitute for the nominated representative may attend meetings of HEDG.

The representative will normally be the person who has operational responsibility for educational development at cross-institutional level.

Individuals may be proposed as ‘visiting members’ of HEDG. This category of membership is intended for individuals who are (a) either key persons within the educational development community, but who are not heads of educational development, and (b) visiting members of the educational development community from overseas.

Visiting members may be proposed by a member at the AGM or exceptionally at any meeting of HEDG. Visiting membership will normally be conferred for one year, but may be confirmed for any number of subsequent years.

There will be an initial membership fee and an annual subscription for institutional membership of HEDG. The rates of the membership fee and subscription shall be determined annually at an Annual General Meeting.The Subscriptions will be maintained at the lowest level consistent with HEDG meeting its financial obligations. The current fee is £150.

If your institution is not a member of HEDG, please contact Joseph Callanan, HEDG Administrator, to become a member. For an informal discussion of membership, please contact any of the Planning Group members.