Louise Woodcock

Role: Head of Academic Practice

Institution: University of Leeds

Email: l.woodcock@leeds.ac.uk

Key areas of expertise:

My role at Leeds is responsible for academic staff development at all career stages, from PGR onwards, and encompasses teaching, student learning and research. I also participate in University wide projects, committees and groups to deliver strategic priorities for student education and research and innovation.

I also have expertise in the implementation and evaluation of learning and teaching enhancement projects, student academic skills development, and team development. I’ve previously led teams providing educational development support; MOOCS; Widening Participation Research and Evaluation; and quality assurance of learning and teaching.

Research interests:

I’m particularly interested in the links between learning, teaching and research: how this is experienced in practice by staff and students and the implications for curriculum development, additional student learning opportunities, and academic development, career pathways and recognition.
I recently participated in a European Universities Association (EUA) thematic peer group exploring the links between teaching and research. We presented our findings in relation to academic career pathways, curriculum development and student engagement at the first EUA Learning and Teaching conference in September 2017.


I’ve been a mentor and assessor for staff participating in local professional recognition schemes and schemes aligned to the UKPSF. Service and education enhancement initiatives have included embedding Graduate Attributes in curriculum design; implementing a Maths and Stats development centre (MASH); pilot use of MOOCS; establishing a Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Unit.

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